IVOLVE Made It Better

Some idols get boring after a while, to the loss of us all; others keep getting more and more interesting, and it’s a neat journey to go along with.

IVOLVE, who are normally just the sort of idol that’s worth following for occasional updates, are making cool and good positive growth moves, and that warms me right the hell up.

For instance, their second single, releasing next week:

Here’s the track!

They held a very appropriately named one-man:

Taking the Idols Who Use Spanish mantle from Especia, I see

Part of the reason for the one-man, and the literal reason for the second single, is the first, which is well-named. And because I can’t recall if I had put it in the Weekender a few weekenders ago, I’m using it again:

Naturally, the next MV will be along very shortly

Yeah, this isn’t idol with too much homi flavoring, but I’ll be darned if I’m going to let this random late-May Tuesday go without celebrating something. Good work, IVOLVE.