In Which It’s Time to Look at IVOLVE

It has accidentally become Honor Mad Magazine-related Idols on Christmas Eve Weekened as I pivot toward a piece that I was putting together a few days ago, until HOLIDAY MADNESS arrived and ruined all of my plans. But! To directly tie this to the aforementioned accidental subject matter, I refer to Ayami ex of nanoCUNE/Rider, who landed on her feet (as talented idols are wont to do) after being disbanded and hooked up* with the same agency as Party Rockets GT, Devil ANTHEM and others to form IVOLVE, who are not new at this point, but I’m just finally getting around to them on account of their having added a mess of new stuff to Soundcloud:

They’ve actually been adding close to a full album’s worth over the past week and change; I was simply remiss!

This is the part where I come clean and admit that I was aware of IVOLVE when they first debuted, given that they got plenty of love from fans and even the TGU treatment upon their debut. They pack some talent! But I was unmoved for some reason; I mean, if I tried to feature and follow every idol project that involves a guitar solo, I’d never sleep. This is overall nice Sunday material, though, especially on a day when most Western folks are probably mostly just trying to get some damn relaxation.

And it’s appropriate, because hey, look at that, a free one-man today!