No Matter What, You Can’t Deny Devil ANTHEM

I was genuinely excited the other day when PIH dropped a hot list of new material and one of the things on it that I hadn’t seen yet was “Devil ANTHEM” — that is, not that I don’t know about them (I do!), but that I wasn’t aware that they’d done anything notable since TIF — only to have that excitement dashed.

A little bit. The truth of the matter is, I played the video and had that old feeling again for a minute — you know the one, where idols start to idol and for reasons that you can’t quite place everything seems good in the world? Seeing as how I spend most of my time wading in the murk of the dark and weird and hyper-creative, I’d forgotten the brightness that can come along and hit you like a ton of bricks.

The world is full of crap. On top of the crap, one of the worst storms in recorded history completely drowned a big chunk of the country, and an even nastier hurricane cut the Caribbean to ribbons on its way to returning Florida to the sea. A big-ass earthquake killed hundreds south of the border right before yet another hurricane headed into Mexico. Yet another war could break out any day. And we all have our own personal struggles.

So forgive me for saying, to hell with the darkness for a second, and let’s just idol the crap out with Devil ANTHEM:

If that gave you an unexpected shot in the arm, it may interest you to know that Devil ANTHEM is about to release their fourth single in October:

Also, it’s tripping me out a little bit that they aren’t so little anymore

Even when things are bad, things can also be good.