The Greatest Alternative Idol Choruses of All Time

Welcome to the first installment of our latest community project seeking to identify the top choruses, drops, breakdowns and hooks in alternative, indie, and underground idol. 

Here in chapter one, we are exploring the best choruses as identified by you, the readers of Homicidols dot com and, I must say, you all got great taste. It took forever to compile this post as these are some of the catchiest and most addictive tunes in idol. They can’t just be listened to once. Each entry took about five minutes to write and then two hours of bingeing the song over and over again.  These aren’t just phenomenal choruses. These are some of the best songs by some of the best artists in the genre.

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Catching Up (Real Quick) With Devil ANTHEM

We’re almost through the Catching Up series! Just in case you hadn’t noticed that there was kind of a Catching Up series!

Today’s entry, and alas the only one I’m going to be able to manage, concerns the delightfully variable pop rock of Devil ANTHEM, who released a new single just the other day, and who of course had the original promo content for that out ahead of time, and I’m talking last week, when an MV was dropped and I caught it and queued it and then — record scratch! — today they went ahead and released an “audio” video for the B-side that’s frankly basically an MV in its own right and wowzers, I actually really enjoyed the hell out of it (the B side is the best side, after all), so I’m end-running my original Devil ANTHEM post to bring you the whole single in one shot, and in reverse order!

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Devil ANTHEM Is Cool As Heck

Dang you guys, I almost completely fanned on … like the 30th thing just this year that I would’ve missed. At least this time I pull victory from the jaws of defeat! As you may have discerned from the title of the post, this is about Devil ANTHEM, whose body of work is usually pretty enjoyable even at its least homi, but who can still really let it rip when the mood strikes. Do like I do and keep them at least on your medium list — if your short list is the stuff indispensable to your existence — so that any little reminder that they exist and do idol things is a prompt to go see what the latest of those things might be.

Like this video!

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I’ve Really Enjoyed the Devil ANTHEM Journey

I remember, back when I was first stepping my whole foot into this idol business, how people would always hand-wave poor performances and uphold chika almost as a principle with the canard about idol really being about watching the performers develop over time, it’s why you support them after all, ain’t they cute, etc. I never quite bought it all the way, not from Western people at least, but I can cop to a certain amount of definitely enjoying seeing groups start off raggedy as all hell (relatively) and grow into something impressive.

At least just as interesting, though, is watching a quality, well-managed, talented project evolve over time, regardless of their respective level of success or popularity. It’s one thing to really stick to your conceptual guns straight from the jump and only move around within a limited musical space; it’s another to use the concept of the group as the creative boundaries and, within that, consider different presentations or musical styles over time. NECRONOMIDOL, for instance, is great at this — you know it’s Necroma by its darkness, not by their always doing a certain kind of musical thing, and in fact oftentimes by the gamut of musical things that they’re able to put into a single record while retaining that core chilly dread.

Another example, and more on the side of bright and shiny idol, is long-time personal guilty pleasure of mine, Devil ANTHEM, who are now four years into the idol game and have grown and changed quite a bit over time, so I invite you to first take a swing through this first time that I got to write them up, and then to enjoy perhaps this more recent collection of theirs, and then to settle into this new demo: Continue reading

Devil ANTHEM Is Like All of the Music Right Now

In case you couldn’t tell from most of the most recent Weekenders, I’m a supporter of Devil ANTHEM. In case you couldn’t tell from most of the most recent Weekenders, they’ve moved beyond their earlier sounds to largely embrace an interesting EDM twist. This … this is usually the story of how an idol group becomes a Weekender regular and stops having normal posts about them appear. Funny how that works out.

The point, though, is that Devil ANTHEM also dropped a ton of material onto Soundcloud the other day, and I thought that it sounded like a good idea to take a spin through some of it.

Just the fact that this is tagged “JUNK POP” fills my heart with glee

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Better, Devil ANTHEM, Better

I had just (lightly) complained in the Weekender that Devil ANTHEM, who will sate anybody’s idol sweet tooth between occasions of being loud, a palliative in a time of trouble, needed to do more of said being loud. I don’t know if this is the loudest they’ve been (it’s not), but it’s a good start!

You may recognize the tune — they had previously released the audio — but this is a legitimately brand new MV. You can do a lot with slick production of live footage and some emotional (ha) solo images of the members, I guess. The new single drops next week. This has been a very short post because most of the info is linked!

No Matter What, You Can’t Deny Devil ANTHEM

I was genuinely excited the other day when PIH dropped a hot list of new material and one of the things on it that I hadn’t seen yet was “Devil ANTHEM” — that is, not that I don’t know about them (I do!), but that I wasn’t aware that they’d done anything notable since TIF — only to have that excitement dashed.

A little bit. The truth of the matter is, I played the video and had that old feeling again for a minute — you know the one, where idols start to idol and for reasons that you can’t quite place everything seems good in the world? Seeing as how I spend most of my time wading in the murk of the dark and weird and hyper-creative, I’d forgotten the brightness that can come along and hit you like a ton of bricks.

The world is full of crap. On top of the crap, one of the worst storms in recorded history completely drowned a big chunk of the country, and an even nastier hurricane cut the Caribbean to ribbons on its way to returning Florida to the sea. A big-ass earthquake killed hundreds south of the border right before yet another hurricane headed into Mexico. Yet another war could break out any day. And we all have our own personal struggles.

So forgive me for saying, to hell with the darkness for a second, and let’s just idol the crap out with Devil ANTHEM:

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Devil ANTHEM’s Growing Up

I’m like 78 percent certain that I didn’t remember that Corenament noisemakers Devil ANTHEM was releasing an album, FEVER, but I’m very glad for a less noisy morning on Twitter and a few extra minutes to follow up: While there’s plenty of sparkly idol cheer in here, it’s also clear that Devil ANTHEM isn’t going to be twee and precocious forever, and this is a good first step.

Title track!

Some pretty expected moves (that chorus, you know?) aside, “FEVER” might be the most interesting that Devil ANTHEM’s ever been musically, and that makes me happy. The group’s two years old now, the girls aren’t just little kawaii factories anymore, so it’s a good idea to complement an updated look with a fun, adult sort of beat for your lead track. Show the world who you are now.

If you aren’t already acquainted, check out this live set from over the weekend.

That’s right; the hard side of idol can be pretty inclusive! Especially on days when there isn’t all that much available to talk about! Support the random support for the likes of Devil ANTHEM by becoming a patron!

Get over Hump Day with New Devil ANTHEM Video

Good morning, you bunch of weirdos! Your friendly neighborhood Maniac has a butt-ton of morning tasks to accomplish for Day Job, and then a very long, annoying day to follow that, so I’m trying to load up a pretty busy day in idol with everything that I can before I get sucked into the purgatory that is work.

But first! You guys remember Devil ANTHEM, right? Kawaiidols with a devil theme? Get a little intense here and there? But mainly devils? Great. Here they are with a just-released live video for a brand-new live version of “Women’s Gift” or whatever the actual title of this neat little song is:

I’m pretty sure Pure Idol Heart shared this first

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While We’re on the Topic of Satanic Things, There’s a New Devil ANTHEM Video

No, no, it’s only kind of what you guys think:

If we’ve learned anything about Devil ANTHEM so far, it’s that they aren’t the heaviest, the evillest, the intensest or the violentest, but they do help to remind one that …

It’s Friday, for frog’s sake, and it’s summertime. Take this little injection of dark kawaii and enjoy life.