Never Stop Draping Us in Goodness, HAMIDASYSTEM

I’m sorry, I know that I had this in the Weekender, but now that HAMIDASYSTEM has the song up on YouTube and is talking about a release, I want to talk more about the song:

This is the first in that three-month series of digital releases that they promised:

Frankly, you guys, I haven’t been this jazzed about an art-pop-rock idol project since Dots, and here’s another great example of a group that started off as a pretty promising thing and has only matured and developed and gotten more impressive over time. And it’s a short time! I legitimately wonder how they spent their time emerging, or rather pre-emerging, as this is yet another brilliant idol project with a criminally low number of Twitter followers. No, Twitter isn’t an arbiter of much more than how many people on Twitter are into you, but still.

People need to support this. Like immediately. I don’t know where the style line is for HAMIDASYSTEM, but it’s not an easy one to mark.