It’s Time to Get into Soremaru

Don’t you love when you follow something, forget that you followed the something, and then have that something turn out to be something completely great? It does happen!

Here’s another:

That’s Soredemo Jidai wa Mawattemasu (Twitter), or Nonetheless, the times are changing (I had to run that through Romajidesu, so forgive me). I feel like they must have come up on Facebook or something literal months ago, because I foolishly had a browser tab of their Twitter account saved for a long-ass time, only to now be reminded to follow up because those tracks hit Soundcloud like a freight train. They even helpfully added lyrics on Twitter!

They’re actually only really a few months old, having debuted over the summer and having their first one-man in December. This is from their debut:

There’s another one from their start, but it’s way less exciting

The live experience:

This is a pretty professional project, which I’m completely okay with, as genuinely well-done punk-addled idol rock can be a little in short supply at times. They’re clearly still in the indie ranks, as their Soundcloud has what must be every track that they’ve recorded to date. It’s genuinely worth a long listen. This is a group that could go places.