Your Homicidols Weekender #60

I think I’m going go step away from idol for the rest of the day, you guys. I’m not that shook by Lui’s graduation announcement — frankly, it was inevitable on a constantly shrinking span of time — but just out of respect. Idols come and go, but legends, true legends, very rarely come back. I got into idol just as the original BiS was becoming nothing more than a memory, and seeing what they’d accomplished was a powerful motivator; that she brought BiS back to life was such an incredible watershed moment for the scene that she’d created. I feel honored to have been able to see Lui and her creation perform (live, at least, though not in person), and I even feel honored to have been stood up for that interview that never happened.

So. This is a hell of a Weekender, anyway, and all I wanted to do this morning was put the finishing touches on it, so have it. And yes, play the Fun, which is now bizarrely and somewhat disturbingly appropriate.

Just Looking at This Weekender Scares Me

May the gods help us all, DAIDAIDAI is finally releasing an almost-album:


/Emperor Palpatine voice/ “You … want this …”

Have you seen this story? This idol recently revealed that she was pregnant; the father is her manager. Fans reacted about as poorly as possible:

Leaving aside the fact that this tale is basically horror story fodder for people who think that idol is a unique evil in the world, and that the manager was in a relationship with a girl since she was 16, this is an example of how not to be a fan. Also, that fans are terrible.

Wonder Lander, though, is wonder-ful:

It’s time for another anime theme from BiSH:

There were some late entries in the Of The Year Internet sweepstakes, so:

Here’s most of an AIBECK live:

Is there a recording artist with as much video output as You’ll Melt More!?

Rie’s new project is like a delicious collaboration between Oyasumi Hologram and Nicole Dollanganger, and I like it more every time I listen to it:

I will never run out of love for the wonderful weirdness of SAKA-SAMA:

Already miss you, La La Sugar

Rain was right to share this with me:

CY8ER live can elicit some strong-ass feelings of needing a cigarette:

When Under Beasty met Happippi:

Wanna see the most awkward one-man you’ll ever see?

Why do I always get such a weird kick out of photos of idols casually handling firearms that are too big for them?

Band ja Naimon! with a very ska-tastic year-ender of their own:

Uh …

When I brought up that EEEEEEEEEEEE! thing the other day, I happened upon Natsumi’s very random appearance in this MV:

If they’re not careful, HAMIDASYSTEM’s going to take over the planet one of these days:

RHYMEBERRY seems fun, if nothing else:

The Former Idol Formerly Known as Yumeneko, still at it:

Have a great weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #60

  1. With preggers idol, I can’t see the big deal IDC if idols date and her manager is 22 now she’s 18 so he was 20 when he started dating her. If he was 35 it would be creepy.
    Can’t belive you missed or just chose not to but this in either this weeks or last weeks Weekender.
    Here is Ruka from Wa-Suta doing a very good karaoke version of BiSH’s “Ochestra”.

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