Neither New Nano-Nani’n’Neruns Nor New “Naughty Naughty” Near Nasty!

Today is January 6th, celebrated by many as the feast of Epiphany, commemorating the time when the Three Kings from the East brought gifts of Gold, Frankenstein and Meh to the God-cub Jesus, asleep in the hay.    And today you, dear reader, get to feel two-thirds as special as the Holy Baby, for Two Queens from the East now shower you with two valuable presents.

Four months ago, You’ll Melt More! newbies, Nani’n’Nerun, released the world’s shortest idol album, the two minutes and thirty-two seconds long Short Short Songs 1.    I had hoped that that numeral “1” implied a forthcoming volume “2” and today those hopes were fulfilled, with the arrival of Short Short Songs 2.

But wait!  Although having just six songs like the previous release (the minimum to be called an album in my book), it clocks in at a mammoth five minutes and two seconds – nearly double the length of volume one.  On this trajectory we’ll have prog-rock epics totalling nearly three hours by volume seven.  Which is fine by me.

They also bring a new single, Naughty Naughty and if you’re British and not so young, you just mentally read that title in the voice of Mr. C from The Shamen didn’t you?  There’s a new video too wherein you can see our heroes doing “naughty” things, like harassing someone dressed as a snowman, waving around sticks with poo stuck on the end and pointing at aeroplanes.

Ooh, those terrors!  What will they do next?  Your beloved will let you know.

One thought on “Neither New Nano-Nani’n’Neruns Nor New “Naughty Naughty” Near Nasty!

  1. It was while listening to Short Short Songs 2 that it really hit me: Nani’n’Nerun? is sort of like what would happen if you somehow smashed together a grindcore band, Wesley Willis and idol music. The realization made me appreciate them even more.

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