Your Homicidols Weekender #216

Holy hell, you guys, if these haven’t been some of the longest days I’ve lived I don’t know what else was. I’m not going to offer commentary on current events that happened a few miles from Maniac Mansion earlier this week except to say that I personally was knocked for a huge loop that I’m still trying to get settled under. Of course I spent the time of those things unfolding by listening to music in my home office, so congratulations to PassCode for providing an excellent musical counter-focus and immediately running to the top of my Best Of 2021 list.

If you have things that you want to say or need to talk about, you know that we have a really great community of people, and there are friends everywhere. A lot of us have been through some things and can relate. Don’t be afraid to ask to chat.

Now, being thrown for a loop when the idol queue is as long as it already was, that’s a recipe for personal disaster, so … well, I can’t do any more today, but I’m setting a goal to clear the list this week even as new things come along. Fingers crossed!

This Is No Time for Optimism

Breakups are sad, but reunions are sweet:

Who was it recently talking about how Dance for Philosophy is basically the best in the business now?

Zsasz with the best intro in the game:

New one from YONEKO:

Via LiLii Kaona, one of the prettiest solo dance sequences you’ll ever see:

AIBECK will release a new digital single, and you can help select it?

Have some GARUDA:

Leave it to BURST GIRL to directly incorporate masks in outfits:

Malcolm Mask McLaren really blew that marketing opportunity for themselves, so we’ll have to settle for their being awesome:


New one from MISSEMILY:

So exciting!


Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Night Owl, who added a couple of new members just before the new year:

They also dropped one of the weirdest demos I’ve ever seen, but only so weird because I have no idea why they put it on Spotify:

Hey, who else wants to reminisce with CY8ER?

Live Aphrodite:

And Satanic Punish, who win me over a little bit more every day:

I’ll never not be surprised at how well DAIDAIDAI’s wild-ass sound actually works in a live environment:

Oh no:

Things you find yourself wishing Emox7 did, like, as a group:

We got another new track from Diachi’s latest project:

Sometimes I watch NaNoMoRaL live clips and think, I met that girl!

So Bury is apparently a hip-hop act now:

Husky is now four members dressed like dog soldiers:

“Hey, why does this Niji no Conquistador video have the world ‘Gun’ in the title?”

Have a great weekend!