JyuJyu, I Love You, You Should Do More Video Stuff

I kind of hate myself for being a day late on the latest from the cursed idols, JyuJyu, especially given the day that I had yesterday, but such is life.

Anyway, with only this much more ado: JyuJyu dropped a new song while in their Halloween costumes! Yay!

Now, I won’t pretend for a second that this is the JyuJyu wheelhouse — hell, there ain’t a legitimately heavy or even particularly dark thing about this song, save for maybe some vocal dissonance that may or may not be intentional — but the nice thing about idol, and a lot of J-pop in general, is that it’s just really well-put together. And, you know, it’s JyuJyu; the menace is implicit.

Looks like I’m still waiting on another epic murder-fantasy MV, though!