My Day’s Been Dragging, So Let’s Enjoy Some PiGU Sets

I don’t know if it’s because I got up really early and then late, or because I’m telecommuting and don’t have the usual “MANIAC COME HELP WITH THIS PLEASE” at work to distract me, but today feels like it needs to end at any time, and it’s still only noon.

So you know what can help with that? Some friggin’ PiGU, that’s what.

Helpful. Well, it’ll be helpful when I finish listen to them. But thanks for adding these over the last couple of days, PiGU. The rest of you, for what it’s worth, PiGU’s nomination for Best B-Side is the second song on the second video, if you’re still deep in consideration. They know they’re nominated, by the way, and are kind of excited about it. That makes me happy, and it should make those of you who nominated and then supported them happy, too.