Shut up, Linkin Park: ‘iN THE END,’ It Matters a Little

Wanna hear a really annoying story? I had planned out and prepared to record the not-really-her-last-concert-please-all-the-gods iN THE END free live being held by BiSH while they go into temporary stasis (I dare not call it a hiatus) with Aina, owner of the most liquid nitro voice in idol, taking a break to recover from surgery to remove vocal chord nodules.

I was prepped, had everything open, had Niconico ready to go, got the video launched, started to record just as the lights came up in whatever venue they’re in and … I was out of free trial on the recording software and would only be able to record in two-minute chunks, and there was no way I was doing that at 5:30 a.m., not even for you guys.

Edit: Someone uploaded the whole thing!

The point of this is that this performance matters: It’s unlikely, but it might be Aina’s last performance. I downplayed any reason to worry when DEEP GIRL’s Mashiro went under the knife; however, no disrespect meant to Mashiro, there’s a reason to go into an absolute panic if something were to happen to Aina. Say the surgeon screws up, or she gets an infection, or ninjas happen to be attacking that very hospital on the very same day that she’s in for surgery and they steal her essence to power up Ninjatron 30000? WHAT IF?

So that’s why it matters. The fans, the other BiSH members, Aina — none of them seem terribly concerned about the overall outcome here, but the fact remains that this right here might be #Ainajiendo’s final performance. So you should watch it.

The logical extension of this is that you should watch every idol video ever because you never know when someone might get hit by a bus. Some of you might even do it!

6 thoughts on “Shut up, Linkin Park: ‘iN THE END,’ It Matters a Little

  1. Hiraga Tetsuo from Billboard Japan let us know the gist of the speech Aina gave at the start of the encore.

    Crappy Google translation:
    BiSH 【iN THE END】
    While struggling with tears, Aina “I wanted to sing my future life as well, so I decided to operate, I absolutely want to succeed, I think I will come home with absolutely invincible Aina · end” And one song that I sang out was “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE”.

    I also got this one from Félix Renard in the Idolmetal Facebook group:
    “Since I want to keep singing during the rest of my life as well, I decided to undergo surgery. I have nothing but confidence in its success and so want to return as the invicible Aina The End.”

    and he added this part as well, from the beginning:
    “My throat has been in a bad condition for three months, but at first I could sing just fine. I mean, people came all the way here to see us! I wanted to show them the real BiSH [that BiSH was not that weak] so every time I kept thinking “I don’t mind even if I destroy my voice on that day [for the final]” and… I actually really did destroy it.”

    • For the record, Aina’s voice being destroyed is right on par with the fire demon Surt destroying the rainbow bridge between Asgard and Midgard; it would be the effective end of the world.

    • Hey, I’m that Félix Renard. 🙂
      Yeah, the first part of my translation is simply a better version of the google trad.
      I’ve been having quite a lot of fun translating things left and right when I have free time lately, so, I might post more a bit over there. (I do it somewhat regularly on DEEP GIRL’s facebook group.)

      • Thanks for your work, it is really helpful.

        I am John over in the Idolmetal group by the way, you might have seen me, I post a couple things.

  2. Noooooooooooooooo! If this really ends up being her last concert I’m legit gonna bawl. Aina is the whole package that most idols don’t even try to be because they don’t need to be and nobody expects them to be. Her singing and dancing is holy and she’s beautiful and funny. With all this on her side she has a one way ticket to individual success once BiSH disbands in the (hopefully far far) future. Or at least she did till whoever runs the rules of this world decided to be a complete ass and force her under the knife.

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