More Details on ICE CREAM SUICIDE … and Friends!

Based solely on an image, a website and an association that’s now been dead for months, the announcement of ICE CREAM SUICIDE kind of blew the hell up over the last 48 or so hours. And what’s not to be excited about? Between the pastels and the extremely clever wordplay and the “are all of those girls holding guns?” of it all, one would be hard-pressed to not draw conclusions that this might be a project worth keeping tabs on.

And not even 24 hours later …

Thank you, Anna-chan! So ICE CREAM SUICIDE is going to hold a free debut live on Niconico Douga on Sept. 7 (that’s in two weeks, if you’re counting at home). How fun! More details, I’m sure, to follow. Of course, they held a sneaky-sneaky secret debut yesterday, but no video of that is yet known to exit, so.

You may have also heard that it’s not just ICE CREAM SUICIDE. Yes, as Viz Major pointed out in the original post’s comments, ICS got all the hype because of Anna’s involvement; there are other projects debuting with the same agency, Anfort Promotion.

Likewise say hello to:

Idol trio Devil Gun data-recalc-dims=

Devil Gun! Kind of like if Resident Evil were real, and Japanese, and idol. PLEASE BE INDUSTRIAL PLEASE BE INDUSTRIAL GOD ASS WE NEED INDUSTRIAL IDOLS.


Idol trio Panic Magic

Panic Magic! There are, ahem, a lot of very similar visual elements at play here, but that’s fine, same agency and all.

I’ll wait until we actually get to hear anything before officially getting actually excited, but I’m pretty excited, you guys.

6 thoughts on “More Details on ICE CREAM SUICIDE … and Friends!

  1. I am really excited for DEVIL GUN. I have talked to Botan and Kaai. They are both very friendly and talkative. I learned that there is no release date for any CD as of yet but that they look to start doing lives in October. I have yet to talk with Rechi.

    As for the other two groups, I tried to talk with some member s of ICE CREAM SUICIDE but no response yet. I have not tried to contact any members of PANiC MAGiC.

    I will ask Botan what kind of music they will use.

    • Well, I think mt question about the type of music the group will use was misunderstood. I think she meant what does she like personally, I will ask again in a couple days.

      • I can hear in your tone exactly what you experienced there. Man, idols crack me up.

        And on another note, can I just point out how ICE CREAM SUICIDE is a pretty fun name, but SUICIDE ICE CREAM would be just another five steps further down the throat of madness? It’s like Hanako-san’s MURDER VCR label, only kawaii.

  2. DEVIL GUN as industrial would be freakin perfect. Maybe at their lives those huge guns they have will shoot out lasers. Or flames like Rammstein,

    PANiC MAGiC I’m predicting as maybe technopop or new wave. The whole look of the picture with the multicolor umbrella just gives me that vibe.

    ICE CREAM SUICIDE can be just about anything. Idolcore?

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