So for the Record, ANFORT Sounds Pretty Terrible

A little deliberately under the radar ’round these parts over the last few days (dofphoto tossed it into a comment on the Weekender, and I left it otherwise alone) was Anna ex of Bellheart and very recently with ICE CREAM SUICIDE leaving the group under some pretty intense circumstances. I didn’t give it much thought — Anna also didn’t last with BRGH; some people just aren’t cut out for what goes into idol –but then our anonymous translator+ friend hit me up with some additional insights.

First, Anna’s full translated statement: Continue reading

Oh, So This Is What Happened to Those DEVIL GUN Lyric Videos

This news is actually a couple of days old, but it’s funny.

So by way of background: DEVIL GUN, if you weren’t aware, is one of the three groups launched by the newish ANFORT agency a few months ago. The leader of sorts and most notable was ICE CREAM SUICIDE, whose I.S.C.R.E.A.M. EP is not bad but who managed to get expectations of Death by Music so high that their denpa-rock hybrid sound at debut was met with obligatory polite surprise and a whole lot of WTF online.

DEVIL GUN, on the other hand, took forever to debut (but not as long as PANIC MAGIC!), but at least had the promise of being the heavy part of the ANFORT trio behind them, and some teaser stuff here and there to back it up. We were excited, and even moreso when they made it known that they’d be releasing one lyric video per week during the month of December. Finally, we’d all get a chance to experience DEVIL GUN as they were meant to be experienced!

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A Tiny Little Bit of DEVIL GUN

And I mean a tiny bit!

Via Straight from Japan’s John in the Idolmetal group, we have — prefaced by a weird man-on-the-street segment on pants — what might be your first experience with the music of ICE CREAM SUICIDE sister group DEVIL GUN, featuring Botan on vocals:

How clever! They titled the song according to how many people will probably react to it! Continue reading

More Details on ICE CREAM SUICIDE … and Friends!

Based solely on an image, a website and an association that’s now been dead for months, the announcement of ICE CREAM SUICIDE kind of blew the hell up over the last 48 or so hours. And what’s not to be excited about? Between the pastels and the extremely clever wordplay and the “are all of those girls holding guns?” of it all, one would be hard-pressed to not draw conclusions that this might be a project worth keeping tabs on.

And not even 24 hours later …

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