I Have Never Been So Optimistic in My Entire Life

You. Guys. The weirdest damn thing came across my Twitter feed last night.

The account doing the posting might not ring any bells right away, but (wait for it) that is Anna formerly of (WAIT FOR IT!) Bellring Girls Heart (ha!), and this ICE CREAM SUICIDE is her new group, and they are all kinds of set up with Twitter and website and Facebook and they already have a debut mini album called I.S.C.R.E.A.M. put together and PLEASE ICE CREAM SUICIDE, share some tracks or something soon because you just became my new favorite thing.

I have so many questions. Are they somehow attached to Bellheart like Yanakoto Sotto Mute? Is Anna a leader type? Who’s the other member who’s importing like 6,000 Twitter followers? Will they sound as deliciously apocalyptic as their name suggests, or am I going to be very upset in a few weeks?

Anyway, despite my originally thinking that I had some kind of scoop (I’m giving you gold, people, come on), this blew up overnight because of press releases I guess. Expect to be hearing a lot more out of whatever ICE CREAM SUICIDE is in the near future.

I mean …

10 thoughts on “I Have Never Been So Optimistic in My Entire Life

  1. From the looks of it the music could be like Moso Calibration. I heard they also look similar to Bandjanaimon or Zenbukiminoseida, but I don’t know these groups.

    I am pretty sure, that there is no connection to Bellha or Yanamyu though. But it is nice that the former members congratulated Anna to her new group.

    I will definitely take a look at them. In the meantime I just follow Anna.

    • Their press PR photos kind of look like they came from an “edgy idol group” cookie cutter, to further saturate the market… But that’s nothing new at this point, and certainly not unique to them. Excited to hear how they sound!

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