What Very Confusing Babymetal Tour News

Hey guys, guess what! In December, Babymetal‘s going back to the UK, and you’ll almost definitely be able to get tickets for the shows!

I just hope you also like the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Yep! And boy, are the feelings out there diverse; I see a lot of “well, on the one hand … but …” And that’s okay! Have your opinions about things. You probably have reasons for them. Maybe you are the world’s greatest RHCP / Babymetal crossover fan, and you live in Manchester, and this is the most exciting thing to happen in forever. Good for you!

I was going to put up a poll — who’s paying who, how large the shark being jumped might be, things like that — but I’m personally playing it straight. Not everything needs to be snarky. Lots of bands that don’t immediately make sense together wind up on tour and are just fine. They may even make new fans! I’m not sure where that opportunity exists here, but I’m also not among those being paid to figure out that side of the business.

However, I am very curious to know how you feel! And rather than responding to a setup question, just go ahead and comment away. Just don’t devolve into what started to happen in some of the Facebook threads (RIP, friendship).

And I wonder if Moametal’s been given a stay on that (virtual) execution

And I definitely don’t care what anybody says, Mother’s Milk and Blood Sugar Sex Magik are pretty good albums and I’ll fight you if you think otherwise.

7 thoughts on “What Very Confusing Babymetal Tour News

  1. That is definitely unexpected, but not really that surprising. The Peppers are known for their odd support choices: When I saw them in 2003 they had The Mars Volta opening for them, in 2007 it was the Soweto Gospel Choir (and Dinosaur Jr.). The audience was’t too excited about those groups back then and I don’t think it will be much different with Babymetal.

    But they probably create some buzz in Japan and international media and win over a few new fans.

    Oh and Californication > the rest 😉

    • I came on just after that happened, and I thought it made all the sense in the world. Granted, Mrs. Maniac and I frequently had Gaga on in the car BITD; I thought, oh, of course that’s who they toured with in the U.S. It wasn’t until they started to flare up among metal’s trendsetters that the Art Pop appearances started to look out of place.

  2. I think the idea is to “paint with a broad brush”, this will give people curious about BABYMETAL an excuse to go seem them. 😛
    I think the real question is how many of their own fans will BABYMETAL be able to bring to every show and how well will they get along with the RHCP fans?

    • I wonder what kind of breakdown would be there, honestly. I wore a BM shirt to see Faith No More, and there turned out to be more crossover than I anticipated. Also confusion! Lots of that, actually.

  3. Very very nice that they are finally playing elsewhere in the UK…. but fucking 80 quid a ticket, what a rip-off…

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