The Monday Match Game asks: Do you work best solo or in a team?

Hey, it’s the return of the perennial favourite, the Monday Match Game, where we basically say “oooh these idol related things have similar names, isn’t that funny?”  To which the answer is “absolutely and I prefer this one!”  This week we have Shachi & Shachi, who are not a global advertising agency but a journeywoman solo idol and a rebranded idol group.

So! In the black corner, and stepping into the ring adorned in her tough girl hoodie, we have Mashilo, formerly of Iketeru Hearts and Deep Girl and now of CY8ER, but appearing here as SHACHI, her solo project.  She has brought, for your consideration, “One Day”, a chilled hip-hop taster for her forthcoming album which is out on September 2nd so look forward to that.

And! In the also black but with bleached bits here and there corner, we have The Idol Formerly Known As Team Syachihoko, who used to do fun, technicolor tunes under that name but have now gone full Alt-Idol™ under the name TEAM SHACHI.  They can still do cracking songs though as shown here with their new, perky, rock’n’roll single “Rock Away” which threatens to become the soundtrack to my summer.

Which one gives you the most Shachisfaction?  Vote!

I’ll just say there is no “I” in “Team” but there is meat.