What Did BiS Bring Us This Week?

Ah yes, another week is upon us, and BiS3 hasn’t formally debuted yet, nor has an official release hit record store shelves, so that can only mean one thing — probably! they’ll tease at least one more new song and give an update on when the suddenly-a-lot-more-interesting-than-most-people-I-think-expected-they’d-be group debuts.

This was a safe assumption! And between the teaser strategy and the soundscapes at play, among other things, it feels less like a BiS debut and more like, well, their original namesakes’ rise four years ago. I find this business decision smart and good because, efforts made to the contrary, the most BiS-like thing to debut from WACK since 2015 has been pre-major BiSH, so really, emulating that whole move is a-okay in my book. The evidence? As if it hasn’t been abundantly clear, this debut is coming with some really cool musical choices (ah, those liberal pinches of heaviness), including these two new ones, which include what for me is one of the most interesting tracks that any notable in idol has done this year:

Even this album’s “Is this call??” has teeth:

Gimme gimme

Oh, and the debut live’s time and place have been decided:

Yup. All signs point to BiS! Or BiS/H, if you will, to better make the point in the lede, and also because I’m not sure that Watanabe won’t get bored and reveal the members’ faces out of spite or something. A move familiar to many of us!

Go download these tracks:

And hold on to your butts!

This was a weird post!