Your Homicidols Weekender #139

Good morning! How was everybody’s week? I hope it went well for you, and these next couple of days are your just reward. Or maybe you’re like the guy I met recently whose “weekend” was Tuesday and Wednesday, which I had to admit sounded kind of interesting schematically. It’s just that the important thing is to take time away from the grind, whenever that might be, and do things that give you joy. And if that’s throwing out like half of the stuff in your place, all right!

This is a great, great season for idol, and we’re in the midst of a few good weeks in a row, with TIF looming and other festivals and then the fall debut season coming not that far after. These are things that bring joy! As for Homicidols Dot Com, I’ll try to get that TIF primer out next week, though I did decide to delay Queen of the Scene until mid-August (I just plain have too much on my plate).

Anyway, play the Fun and take a quick rip through this stuff, and then go enjoy yourself. Life is cool!

It Is?


This seems to have gone well:

Now would be a good time to purchase or stream that Wagamama Rakia album!

sora tob sakana proved yet again to be an amazing gift unto the nations:

I failed in my responsibilities last week and did not include this new project from our good friend YONEKO, so:

More of this thing with Maina:

So … what’s going on with AIBECK?

Hey, Haru’s still going as Diable Voix and even releasing an EP!

It’s a little less notable that You’ll Melt More! is doing the same:

A really nice new one from Mashir/lo as SHACHI:

Get a load of Okinawa Electric Girl Saya out here:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is none other than Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, who I’m fudging this for, shut up. Why? Because new single and album all in one:

And because I wanted to bring up this live clip:

Show this WILL-O’ live video to your friends who scoff at idols:

It’s always great to see xoxo EXTREME, but this one’s not their best work:

And let’s round out those live cuts with EMPiRE:

When Melon Batake a go go met NEMLESSS:

I wanted to write about the latest from Toricago, but time a-wasted and here we are:

Yet more membership trouble for 969:

They can recruit along with Re:LAYz!

Maybe you’re really lucky and can see the new PEDRO MV!

Just a little reminder that First Summer Uika is the Word Made Flesh:

Have a great weekend!