Memorial Day Match Game: Special Tori-x-go Edition

It’s Memorial Day here in the USA, amigos, which in addition to military this-and-that (and gods help me, Rolling Thunder) means that it’s also National Hamburger Day, which means that it’s also Maniac Is Going to Eat a Lot of Meat and Drink a Lot of Beer Day. There’s solemnity, naturally (the whole memorial business), but also the unofficial start to summer, so ergo fun, and while I love me this site and idols and everything, I want to keep it light.

So what better way to do that than by resurrecting a stupid contest thing that people seem to enjoy!

The last time we played the Monday Match Game, we pitted Oyasumi Hologram and Glenn Danzig against each other. Why? “Mother,” that’s why. Ol’ Glenn never knew what hit him.

This time around, let’s embrace both this site’s and the Japanese language’s affinity for wordplay that makes us giggle.

In this corner, a girl who so desperately wanted to join the WACK stable that she endured half a dozen targeted elimination challenges on her way to becoming a darling of the fan set, only to be cast aside at the zero hour because Watanabe Junnosuke is a living penis! In the other corner, a relative newcomer act that’s bringing new life and flavor to idol rock in ways that have people* swooning. A total of five aspirant idols enter, and up to four will leave, but that’s really up to you!

This special edition of the Monday Match Game brought to you by Chris and his excellent appreciation for minor differences in spelling and etc.

*Well, me and some other people; you all are missing the Toricago boat, and it makes me sad