Kerrie Is the WACK Idol Nostradamus

Well, that happened.

Much like the rest of the western WACK fandom, my feelings on this are complicated, but I think it can be summarized in three main points:

  1. Oh, Watanabe, please, stop feeding me so much Friday Fun fuel, I just made a WACK fun last week!
  2. Whatever happened to “I can’t handle more than four groups,” now you’re going to try your hand at running an entire UK Secondary School too? Good luck.

All right, it was a year late, but still. Pour Lui joining BILLIE IDLE, now this? I’d be smug if I wasn’t also slightly dreading what’s about to happen.

And just in time for Summer, too! There’s so much salt in the WACK fandom air right now that every new announcement is like a trip to the seaside! If the seaside was Skegness and you were trying to ignore the crowd of drunk angry old men as you blew all your money on a malfunctioning coin pusher game while a pair of bootleg “disco dogs” watch fondly.

Ah, nostalgic.