Maybe This One Will Make You a Believer in Diamondollfy

Good morning! I have a few things to get out today, but of course music is going to take center stage. In this case, I present to you Diamondollfy via Pure Idol Heart.

Now Diamondollfy hasn’t really registered too much among you all, and that’s understandable; their “rock” and “kind of metal” moments are often more than a little attenuated, often a little bit of extra drumbeats or overdrive on the guitar or something to take it to a step somewhere just beyond the normal reaches of idoldom, whatever that even means anymore.

Their latest, on the other hand:

That’s a hell of a change of pace, isn’t it? I thought that maybe some things were afoot when I saw that Blue Forest sister unit Efloat was at mistFES over the weekend (hell, maybe the whole family was, I don’t know), and one song does not a shift in emphasis make, but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I don’t feel heartened by this little ass-kicker.