Indie Idol Wednesday in Black and White

You guys remember when I was like “Indie Idol Wednesday works best when you share the random stuff that you come across online” and we had a few of those and it was cool? Here’s a totally new indie, really indie, that’s literally weeks into existence but, thanks to the magical power of the Internet, perfectly accessible to at least check out:

That is what I believe to be the debut live of Tsuioku no Monochrome (Twitter), very generously and smartly provided by Viz Major the other day, and a perfect candidate for Indie Idol Wednesday. They’re so new that they only have like 150 followers!

Tsuichro’s whole thing is this juxtaposition of rock and pop, which okay fine, hence the black and white; they’re kind of like Jekyll and Hyde or Devil ANTHEM that way, only I don’t think so much with the good-vs.-evil thing as a let’s-just-do-different-kinds-of-music thing. Again, which okay fine. You can get a decent listen to their demos on Soundcloud.

This is the rock:

The flipside (I’ll opt for the white because that rocks less) is a neat version of pop:

They also have this, uh, I actually don’t know what you’d call this, debut streaming doodad? From Twitch, so kind of like a twitcast:

Not bad! Considering where some past denizens of Indie Idol Wednesday have gotten themselves after a little while … well, I wouldn’t get too excited. This is idol, after all.