Maybe the New PapiRosier Will Restore Some FAITH to Your Idol

It really hasn’t been a good year for idol favorites. I almost just typed “week” as the nominal measure of time there, only to remember that we’ve been on a string of heartbreaking graduations and disbandments going back to January, with some of the things most beloved by Western wota being destroyed before our very eyes. Idol is a savage business indeed.

However, it also plows on without missing a step, and we can all mourn one thing while shifting our wotattention to something else immediately thereafter, and even get a nice little bump out of it. And so it is that I went after some kind of respite to clear my head and found out that personal guilty pleasure PapiRosier — who I only get to post about like once per year but am always glad for the chance to — released a new single yesterday (only their third!), and we get the MV:

It’s pretty much a PapiRosier track! I find myself making that kind of comment a lot lately, but I do it and mean it earnestly. Idol groups tend to operate within pretty well-defined guide rails, after all, and as long as they don’t fall flat on their faces and/or break formula in an ill-advised way, it’s usually all good. PapiRosier has been a little more core-y in the past, but I forgive them for giving me a nice idorock song in the exchange. And who couldn’t use some nice, accessible idol right about now?