It’s Good to See PapiRosier After All This Time

Some idol groups, even those that are just grinding away on chika stage after chika stage, release tons of material and as a result are super accessible; others … not so much. I do have a gift for recall, fortunately, so it’s rare to really, truly forget about a unit once introduced, but as time goes on and life’s priorities change, I do have to admit to being surprised when certain projects pop up from the blind spots in my mind.

Like PapiRosier, who released this MV the other day for their new single! This is the first thing I wrote about them, in the summer of 2016; we have averaged 0.8 post per year from them since, as that seems to be the approximate release schedule. And given how things change over time and the whole “heavy idol” thing has run its course in certain ways, I fully expected this MV to be a simple, sparkling idol song, probably kind of anthemic because that’s what they do, but bereft of much in the way of rock sounds and definitely not something to blog a post about: Continue reading

Maybe the New PapiRosier Will Restore Some FAITH to Your Idol

It really hasn’t been a good year for idol favorites. I almost just typed “week” as the nominal measure of time there, only to remember that we’ve been on a string of heartbreaking graduations and disbandments going back to January, with some of the things most beloved by Western wota being destroyed before our very eyes. Idol is a savage business indeed.

However, it also plows on without missing a step, and we can all mourn one thing while shifting our wotattention to something else immediately thereafter, and even get a nice little bump out of it. And so it is that I went after some kind of respite to clear my head and found out that personal guilty pleasure PapiRosier — who I only get to post about like once per year but am always glad for the chance to — released a new single yesterday (only their third!), and we get the MV: Continue reading

It’s Not Too Late for PapiRosier, I Hope

There’s a subtly significant amount of stuff coming out of the Idolverse right now, I’m finding — more on the edge of the Western wota’s attention span, I think, than might be expected or appreciated — and that includes things that I missed before and nonetheless get a chance to come back to for the edification of all!

Remember PapiRosier? Perhaps! Probably not! Despite being included in that approximate first generation of new idols who were debuting just as a lot of folks currently in the community were, like, joining the community, they haven’t exactly emphasized releases as PapiRosier, so they get lost in the shuffle. Based on past work, though, I knew that anything new that was to come would be worth checking out, and dutifully started to follow them closely when they announced the release of their second single. The result?

The single actually went on sale yesterday, but, as you can see, the video’s from the first of the month … which was two full days before I put their Twitter on blast in anticipation of a video release. Circumstance can be dumb! Continue reading

We Haven’t Heard from PapiRosier in Forever, So Why Not

Damn, you guys, talk about a blast from the past; once upon a time (like almost a year ago), I got kind of excited with/for PapiRosier after they dropped this fun little number, but then things got kind of silent on that front and oh well, I guess that’s just how it goes, it’s idol, maybe they don’t even–

Thanks again, Pure Idol Heart!

Continue reading

Idol Nu-metal May Be the Best Nu-metal: PapiRosier’s “Seven”

I was able to cover PapiRosier a couple of weeks ago, and included the audio-only of “Seven,” but this MV is worth bringing it back.

FWIW, the reason that there’s like 30 girls headbanging is that they’re supported by their sister group, Papimache. Which is kind of disappointing. It would have been boss if there were just a bunch of random idols hanging around and they just could not withstand the metal.

I Momentarily Have a New Favorite Thing

Pure Idol Heart is back to sharing all kinds of fun indie things, and I couldn’t be happier. Just today, we get a lovely new entrant, PapiRosier (Twitter), into the Idol Metal Wars:

Those are great, A and B sides of their first single, coming out in a few weeks. And, fittingly, the album art reflects the fact that they went from being a five-piece to a four in the production process, and they didn’t have the money to redo anything. I love it. Continue reading