It’s Basically a Crime That This raymay MV Isn’t Twice as Long

I had a happy thought this morning, gang, the kind of happy thought that only a person with a fancy idol website who goes on a short hiatus can really have. I was looking through the music I have saved to my phone and saw uijin’s last album there, and I got sad, for they are soon to leave us; then I went through my YouTube subscriptions and saw that their little sister group, raymay, had done a thing the other day, released a new digital single, and I got happy again. The mad brains behind this whole thing will continue to shower us with stuff!

And then, friends … then I listened, and I watched, and I cannot recommend more to you that you give this a few spins in a row, for it is magnificent:

Now get out of here with your gobbledygook about “story arcs” and “the song is over though” and other highfalutin nonsense; I want to know how this dang story really ends! Stomping? Fire breath? Hilariously snatching fighter jets from the sky and snapping them like twigs? Idols mounting a heroic attempt to scale a monster and inject the only antidote into the very inconveniently placed soft spot behind her ear? I need to know these things, people!

Anyway, go look at their Twitter for the feature clips from each member, released over the last few days, and also get the goods on their well-named one-man, on Saturday:

You can also download this sucker from the usual sources: