Maison Book Girl Is Watery in More Ways Than One

Just like there are “dog people” and “cat people”, there is a binary in the alternative idol fandom: Those who think Maison Book Girl’s sound is homogenous enough to believe it’s the same track on loop, and those who think “wow, this is such a new direction for them, I’m impressed” every time they have released a song since their major debut.

Obviously, this author is part of the second category and was once again in awe upon listening to “Okaeri Sayonara”. The music video was released today, along with the announcement of a new album, Yume, coming on November 21.

I have always associated Maison Book Girl with rain, and this MV validates that feeling. While the group has returned to light-colored costumes, the ominous feeling of the lyrics is reflected in the clear inspiration from hospital gowns[1].

I really appreciate what the support from a major label has provided Maison Book Girl with; a budget to expand their universe and vision. While the theme of loss and memory is explored consistently, they always manage to explore further angles.

As their earlier MVs were all filmed outside and away from urban centers, the major debut allowed Maison Book Girl to literally explore rooms, but also confront urban architecture and the wonders of confronting delicate, organic humans with large, strict concrete buildings and cities they could never have made from their own hands. Most MBG MVs also present all the girls individually unless it’s a dance shot scene, furthering the sense of alienation conveyed in the lyrics.

I feel like this song and video are somewhat more straightforward than their other material. More of the content of their discography discusses bottled up feelings and cultivated ressentment without climax, a plateau broken here through the release of tears. After this rains comes a refreshed landscape, both in sentiments and landscape.

Looking forward to dream more with the new Maison Book Girl album and will surely loop this song through the late few weeks of the summer giving into the autumn rain.

[1] Obviously, the costumes designers have done their thing right and the girls look more beautiful than anyone I have ever seen in my various trips to healthcare facilities.

Remember when we interviewed Maison Book Girl, in person? That’s pretty darn cool!

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  1. So good. I can’t wait for the new album – all 21 tracks! When did MBG switch from Tokuma to Pony Canyon though? I’m not sure how I missed that.

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