ZOC Feels Too Good to Be True

As if 2018 hasn’t already been absolutely lousy with great idol debuts, along comes every idol’s greatest champion, Oomori Seiko, with a unit of her own. Like, when this was announced, I thought, oh neat it’ll be cool if she stands in as producer and writes some tracks — I didn’t expect that she’d don the skirt herself and step right the hell up as leader.

Given the quality of this pre-debut teaser, I’m guessing that she just didn’t want to feel left out:

And this is just the intro! There’s precious little info about where this project is heading (even Natalie.mu is stripped down to the basics of them debuting tonight). That means speculation — the stupider the better! — so I’m going to go out on a wild-ass limb and say that it’s time to go all-in because:

  • Seiko is probably writing the music
  • Nobody alive loves idols more than Seiko
  • This isn’t an all-star cast, but it does have its handful of (Nana Hamu to Yaki Udon; Meltia; Miss iD) veterans
  • Seriously though, that choreography was a cut above without being quite as all-pro as something that Q’ulle would do

Like, this is going to be a very, very good project.

Does this mean that Seiko’s real-deal back to idoling? Or does she shepherd this sucker for a while and then bow out, which I increasingly feel was the whole point of noted Seiko friend Pour Lui‘s return to BiS? I can’t imagine that she’d want to take any more time away from her gorgeous, burgeoning solo career than necessary.

Get hype.