Look into ERISU’s World via MV, Potentially Never Escape

We got ourselves the first ERISU MV! That was pretty welcome news yesterday, seeing as how the combination of stress and a hangover meant that nothing else was being done or paid attention to. Quite a remedy to get, as the first couple of glimpses into the world of our first esoterica-themed Italy-based multinational idol group demonstrated. It’s genuinely been cool to have such a unit come along, bringing with them a cultural collision that pulls off being idol as the day is long (as far as we know) and boasting a musical approach that can only work in the medium of idol, something eminently dark but also accessible, with all the elements of a Coven album that has enough pop sensibility for broad appeal. It’s like the soundtrack of a very fun but very literal black sabbath!

But anyway, the MV:

This is great work! If you’re the kind of intelligent, tasteful person who likes a little darkwave mixed with your doom metal and topped with a healthy dollop of idol (which is exactly the kind of thing you can get in some Italian cafes — I have proof!), then this one is going to be right up your alley. And by alley, I mean the one where you’re senselessly minding your own business in the dark corners of a blighted city and are approached by a mysterious cloaked figure and the next thing you know you’re in a room bedecked in blood-soaked cuneiform and the ERISU members are arguing over which technique is the more ritually appropriate way to gut you like a fish.

In other words, we got ourselves a winner.

But yeah, ERISU, keep crankin’ ’em out and take advantage of the moment. I may be urging you along that path out of my own self-interest, but can it be denied that anybody doing any kind of idoling has a better option right now than filling the Idolnet with more reasons to love them?