It’s worth missing some sleep over the new Zenkimi

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da is finally back from their hiatus, with 3 new members. With the recent Mashiro departure and the pre-hiatus graduation of Yotsu and Akebono, many speculated that the group would be in bad shape. Rest assured their fearless leader did a great job reining in the new recruits.

Let’s discuss their first offering, Insomnia!

Megumi’s voice really shines through in Insomnia! They’re back with heavier riffs, and while this particular song does not contain any screams, Codomomental was nice enough to livestream their debut live at Zepp Tokyo, and all the girls can scream. Even Oyatsu shredded her meekness and provides powerful shouts! I’m really excited by the possibility this means Zenkimi will be back with heavier offerings, closer to their initial “mission statement,” if you will.

The video is a typical Codomomental one, in that it seems they rented a warehouse and filmed there, like they do for most Yukueshirezutsurezure MV. They reused the neon we’ve seen in Antilyours and When You Want 2, and well as the body bags used in the former.
We also have some very early 00s solo shots with the girls dressed in white dancing in front of a metal/aluminum background.

The rotating camera shots are a little disorienting and remind me of what my local Music TV station used to do to look cool, but executed much more masterfully.

I am confident this new incarnation of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da will have nothing to envy to its predecessors. While most of the members are new, they did nail the screaming, which is the hardest part, and I have no doubt that their 47 cities tour will be a great opportunity to improve the harmonies and regular singing. It will be fun to watch them grow!