Let’s, uh, Discover Some Idols? ERISU Hath Arriveth

Well, if you’ve looked at Brian’s latest newest or are merely the average Western wota with a Twitter account, the cat for this one is already somewhat out of the bag. Hell, the idols in question have already appeared in multiple Weekenders for their buildup. Be that as it may, we follow processes here at Homicidols HQ, for what is success if not forged in brutally enforced order to smite the chthonic chaos demons that would misuse our otherwise idle hands, and as such I am contractually obligated to share with you idols according to a rote formula. So:

Hey, you guys may have heard of this exciting-if-not-mysterious new group ERISU, right? Well get a listen to this!

Listen to that gothic shit! It’s like Japanese Type O. Or give me a better example. Like if Necroma wanted to do doom metal? Or Ghost needed to theme an album around the international reach of … whichever Tobias Forge alter ergo is currently officially in charge? Is it worth trying to pin down? Probably not! For does it rock? It does! And just in time for Halloween at that. Like, the October release can’t be an accident. Except that now I demand a track per day for the rest of the month and will accept nothing less than a slow descent into outright black metal straight from the darkest recesses of Aokigahara.

So this is very good. ERISU is very good. In a surprisingly good year for debuts (pandemic and all), here we have a delightful one as things start to come to a close. Are they my personal favorites on the year yet? Only time will tell. But do they deserve your love? Yes.