Li-V-RAVE Is Actually Still Awesome

As if to double down on the blasts from the past today, a little twinkle caught my eye on Twitter, and within a few clicks I had something that I absolutely had to share with you all, but … wait a second, I know this group, and … once upon a time actually wrote them up. How interesting! That’s right — we did like Li-V-RAVE (Twitter) back multiple years ago now. What happened?

Really, I don’t know, and if you do please tell me. Did anything happen? There’s like this massive gap in their media. I don’t like when singles like this get released and I don’t know about them:

That’s really awesome! But for real, what’s happened in the past couple of years? This whole package is way slicker than it used to be. Good stuff! Here’s some live, just to fill this out: