Her Knuckle Packs Quite a Punch

It’s not often we cover something other than idols here because unsurprisingly, this is an idol blog! Kind of a no brainer. But occasionally there is something that has that driving special something behind it – so without further ado let’s get to know Her knuckle, from Hanako, formerly “that girl Muropanako from BiS”!

Last year’s BiSbandment hit everybody pretty hard but like a phoenix from the ashes, a lot of the members arose up to take on their own projects. Muropanako was one of the members who chose to stay with WACK along with Yuina and Panluna, but left shortly after CARRY LOOSE were announced without her as a member. But not before tweeting that she pissed herself at the barbers, which the hairdresser then had to clarify that “The account of Muropanako is fiction. Spica* is a cleanly salon.”

Seemingly she vanished into the ether, but then she awoke from her hibernation. Muropanako is now Hanako! Like Sleeping Beauty but instead of trying to get revenge on Maleficent she’s just here to play Dragon Quest. Exactly like Sleeping Beauty.

After a few weeks of intermittent life updates, Hanako then came with a sucker punch announcement: she formed a band! She formed a band and their debut song is just as quirky and catchy as you’d expect from her.

And also in typical Hanako fashion, doing things that only she could do, the other member of her band is Yusuke Goto from “To Be Continued”. If you aren’t cursed with an encylopedic knowledge of 90’s jpop, Mr. Goto’s old band had several hits on the charts. Also the guitarist did the score for a movie called “Cleavage Woman 2”, so good for him.

The hype was out of this world, Her knuckle dropped song after song on YouTube before dropping a small EP. Whatever you expect, this won’t be it. You have a mixture of good old fashion jpop, rock, unique instrumentals, and if you’ve been listening to idols for a hot minute, actual audio mixing on vocals feels like a breath of fresh air! Hanako is the frontwoman that 2020 needed.

Little over a month ago, the Her knuckle put their knuckles on the hype train steering wheel and announced their debut album: KAWARIMONO GA NANDA or “So What’s a Weirdo?

If you keep up with Hanako’s personal Twitter, you might have caught recently from several deleted tweets that she was diagnosed with ADHD. It’s no secret, she just deletes tweets a lot. And if you have ADHD (like this article’s illustrious author) or know somebody who does or even if you don’t because hey, people get called a weirdo for anything different, you might be able to relate to some of the lyrics on the album’s titular track.

Somebody’s staring at me right now
“That chick is kinda a weirdo,
Seems like life’s kinda hard for her, so…”

The whole song is filled to the brim about thoughts racing around in her head, other people’s judgement and wanting to help people who feel the way she does. Of course, we all love her for being herself unapologetically, that Hanako is the Hanako who was an amazing performer in BiS and a fantastic frontwoman after all, but in every corner of the world people get judged for being even a little outside the norm. And even if she wasn’t the Hanako who sings and performs, that enigmatic dynamism behind her would still make her an amazing person. We don’t get serious here a lot, but it’s easy to understand that sometimes things are hard, so Hanako is turning that hardship into one of the best albums that you’ll hear this year.

Her tongue is in her cheek and her knuckles are surrounding the microphone, so come listen to her songs!

From silly to serious to anything at all, everything in Hanako’s head is colliding with Yusuke Goto’s instrumentation like they’re in a particle accelerator. Kawarimono ga Nanda isn’t the only standout track, “Nonfiction” and “GET READY” are strong contenders for song of the year too.

It’s not often we at Homicidols cover people who aren’t idols, but this ex-idol’s band is here to surprise you. Make you laugh, make you cry, make you go buy their new album out on all distribution services RIGHT NOW!