Li-V-RAVE Has a New Single

I wish I had more to say about this one, gang, but it really couldn’t be more straightforward. Last Friday, Li-V-RAVE, whose continued existence is just the happiest damn thing, dropped the MV for their new single that’s not out for well over a month, but hey, promo time is promo time. I thought you’d dig it like I did, so:

All about it. This website has long supported idol power ballads — when those power ballads are cloaked in easycore elements that are themselves bizarrely inverted to better serve a power ballad? Butter. If I had any complaint at all it’s that the composition doesn’t serve the vocals well (pre-chorus, I’m talking), but you know? There’s tinkly piano in there. I am rendered incapable of complaint.

Because you’re a trooper, here’s the B-side:

We need more power pop idol, period, in all its forms. “MISSING LINK” is out May 31.

Li-V-RAVE Is Actually Still Awesome

As if to double down on the blasts from the past today, a little twinkle caught my eye on Twitter, and within a few clicks I had something that I absolutely had to share with you all, but … wait a second, I know this group, and … once upon a time actually wrote them up. How interesting! That’s right — we did like Li-V-RAVE (Twitter) back multiple years ago now. What happened?

Really, I don’t know, and if you do please tell me. Did anything happen? There’s like this massive gap in their media. I don’t like when singles like this get released and I don’t know about them:

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I Find Things: It’s Time for Li-V-RAVE

Welcome to the world of stumbling over stuff on Twitter:

This is Li-V-RAVE (Twitter). They’re super brand new, like a month old, but I’m digging this limited stuff so far primarily because one of the members used to be a member of something else and was randomly in my Twitter feed and I don’t know who she is but that’s okay, now there’s Li-V-RAVE! Continue reading