Let’s Remember Some Idols: HALOPERI Doll

Welcome back, friends, to the wholly irregular and really-meant-to-fill-gaps-on-quiet-days feature known as Let’s Remember Some Idols! Today, we take a long look back to the halcyon days of 2016, when one of the most reliably loud and just as reliably unstable units in the game, HALOPERI Doll, called it quits.

This is what the world has been missing:

Clever dub

I’ve never been entirely clear on when HALOPERI Doll first came into the world, but the group that broke up for good was technically v2.0 and more precisely about v2.7, given all of the shifting sands of the membership. That’s chika, yes, but it’s worth nothing that HALOPERI Doll was the nominal sister group of Mugen Regina, who likewise went through an incredible wringer of membership turmoil in roughly the same frame of time, so it’s quite possible that the company was, in this case, the real problem.

How do you squander this, though? How do you have enough savvy and foresight to stick your stuff onto U.S. iTunes (I own it!), but not enough good sense to not alienate the talent? Idol, man.

One of the very best things about HALOPERI Doll was their song titles:

For whatever reason, despite this reconfigured version of the membership seeming like they had a puncher’s chance in a Babymetal-addled world, they never quite caught on, and one graduation (and, I imagine, dwindling attention) was the insurmountable hill, leaving the project to die without having so much as broken base camp.

As for the members, it’s been a mixed follow-up. Selenium CELLEN and Tsubaki both frittered off into cosplay land*, and An’z briefly took over Mugen Regina (for like one show) in the initial aftermath of Haruno-san’s graduation to professionally take her clothes off, before eventually resurfacing about a year later in AIBECK, where she’s still clocking hours and chasing those idol dreams.

Man. Talk about a downer. Sometimes, maybe you don’t want to remember some idols!

*Of course the two tweets with their photos in them have been deleted, so that’s just a stupid link to part of my Mina-left-Fruitpochette-to-join-Babymetal conspiracy theory