Teratani Mina Reveals Her Big Post-Fruitpochette Move

Seeing Mina go down and leave Fruitpochette due to lingering health issues was a bummer, and fans have wondered ever since just what exactly she’s going to wind up doing. There’s been some idoling for sure, getting her back into music, and some modeling and the like, but somebody of Mina’s outsized talent had to be working on something pretty big, right?


Turns out, she’s really excited to be seeing Babymetal at the Rising Sun Rock Festival, and has excellent taste.

Just to help you out: Yuimetal is best metal.

The real reason for the cosplay is that she was appearing at a con as part of her cosplaying gig. There were some other familiar faces:

I don’t follow J-anything other than idols and a little bit of other music, so I have no idea what any of this is supposed to be. I just know ex-Haloperi Doll members when I see them.

Happy Friday.

8 thoughts on “Teratani Mina Reveals Her Big Post-Fruitpochette Move

  1. Oh, Maniac. SMH.

    Since you don’t follow J-anything other than music, I will (barely) forgive you for not knowing of Comiket: the worlds largest doujinshi convention with an estimated attendance of half-a-million people. So this is not “a con”, it is “THE CON”. It is the manga Mecca that every otaku dreams of and must attend at least once in their lifetime.

    Force yourself to watch Oreimo (its on Hulu) to learn more than perhaps you want to know about this world.

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