Let’s Discover Some Idols: Re:INCARNATION

The best way to discover idols, I’m told, is to follow Homicidols Dot Com; the next best way to discover idols, then, must be to do it organically by endlessly scrolling social media while bored and/or avoiding other obligations; and the worst way of course is to get referrals from your friends. Yes, this is all on the up-and-up.

But yeah, I can’t tell you exactly how Re:INCARNATION came into my life a couple of months ago, save for it being one of those times that a tweet from one thing got pushed into my feed because other people had liked it (see: anybody who follows Viz Major always having gravure in your feed!), and one thing led to another:

That’s Re:INCARNATION (Twitter). They’re with the same company as Candy GO!GO! and UNDER BEASTY and Tears and stuff, so it should come as no surprise that they’re a pretty comfortable idorock outfit.

Now, like a lot of coronadebuts, they don’t have a ton of stuff out there, but they did release this digital single back at the end of August:

But that’s also it! Granted, it’s quite pleasant, but I want more. Come on, idols — you gotta get more online if you can’t do the live houses the way you used to!

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