Let’s Discover Some Idols: Cinder-Ella

I’m kind of breaking my own Let’s Discover process for this one, gang, because I’m annoyed that they’ve been sitting half-covered in the queue since like August. It was one of those “doop dee doop, cruising through Twitter — hello, what’s this?” moments:

Oh man, that sounds good as hell! And (*three seconds of research) they’re a sister group of JyuJyu! Well sign me the heck up!

That’s cinder-ella (Twitter), obviously, which I cannot lie is the most 90s thing ever and it’s now the 20s. Fantastic work. The group’s actually been around for about a year at this point, but as we’ve said, we’re breaking protocol here for the sake of clearing past work and obligations.

As is true of like every XiDEA act, there’s precious little meaningful musical content online (relative to most idol things, that is), so … yeah, your best bet is to just listen to their Spotify until your ears bleed (the LOVE EP is the superior of the two, but “shikaeshi” from their first release is objectively their best song and don’t you dare hold another opinion).

There’s also literally one streamed live:

And that’s it! I mean, I’m sure that somebody who wants to dedicate the time to dig deeper and find more stuff on YouTube or wherever could hypothetically succeed in that endeavor, but I, like, don’t. So while you are certainly a very promising thing, Cinder-ella, I have nothing else to say about you! Good luck!