You Are Hereby Invited to More New REGiNA KiSS

I decided to hold on to the most recent REGiNA KiSS MV release for a few days, gang, because I knew — knew — that there’d be at least one another out before iDOL SHREDDER hits the shelves, and that patience was rewarded. You may want to familiarize yourself with the trailer for this album before diving in.

Here’s last week’s full MV entry:

Like, what even is this song? How many substances were in the video director’s system? If iwrestledabearonce had an idol equivalent, this would be it. Such glory. And I’m pleased to say that I’m very, very glad to have waited for the next installment before posting.

I have a short list of very simple things that I want from music. Among them? I want it to have some kind of intensity, and I like when it’s fun. REGiNA KiSS has definitely always hit on the fun part. In their more specifically idolly past, the intensity was often-but-not-always there. Here, though? I feel like you could sell that tune as a black market stimulant for long-haul truckers or MMA fighters.

You should be listening to this!