Fruitpochette’s ‘Scream~Unlash’ Is Available on U.S. iTunes

I mean, the headline says it all. And confirmed on a number of other countries’ iTunes, too. You can buy your very own only recordings to feature Rum, whose single month as a member of Fruitpochette nonetheless deserves to go down as kind of historic — the duo known for their power cleans got with the trends, hired a legit harsh vocalist … and then, well, she was gone.

Go here and buy it.

I’m not going too far out on a limb when I say that Fruitpochette’s probably not performing like that right now, but I am definitely holding out for the future. Growls and Shiori go together like eggs and bacon.

3 thoughts on “Fruitpochette’s ‘Scream~Unlash’ Is Available on U.S. iTunes

  1. Well, you never know, Narasakyuri might be able to growl, we’ve never heard her try before. Then again, I’ve never heard her at all.

    I think she’ll probably be around longer than Rum, she’s got previous experience as an idol and Shiori described her as a good friend in an old blog post so there probably won’t be any particular personality clashes.

    • I’m just thinking, if she’s already been working as a clean vocalist, she’s unlikely to want to start working on the hard stuff when Fruitpochette has years’ worth of material that she can handle without it. It’d be fun if she did, though!

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