Lest Anybody Not Be Aware of How Good mishmash Is

I legitimately hate being more than a week late on this, especially because it doesn’t look like the hype train went nearly far enough in response. Maybe I can help to make up for it by amplifying that hype!

Mishmash, who you may recall I damn near had a stroke over back when they debuted, are yes part of the epic Class of 2018, and they’re making good on their promise at the kind of rate that suggests only good things ahead. This, “SHINING”, is as far as I know just an arrow in their quiver for now, but they went ahead and put it to an MV:

This is so much like the idol that made me go from eager neophyte to committed explorer, like what Kentacore sounded like before it became Kentacore, it makes my heart burn with nostalgia. Every time I see anything from this unit, all I can think is that I wish I could directly fund them, like inject massive amounts of cash into supporting the project. The sound, obviously, I love, but their look gets me, too — it’s distinct and memorable without needing any kind of a gimmick. Who doesn’t love idols who look like they just had to battle their way across town during rush hour just to make it to the venue with a minute to spare, so on they toss their frocks and a slight tousle of the hair and … go! It’s fantastic.

I say a lot about 2018, this class of debutantes, to the point that it’s basically a Meme de Homicidols (and meta, too, now that I’m commenting on it!), but the reason for it is yes, it’s a very good year for debuts but also, double yes, the top of the new idol heap is just really, really good. I clearly have favorites, and guess what? Mishmash isn’t just one of them, but might be the one of them.

I feel like I neglected to show this to you, so may it serve as further proof of why:

This unit will go exactly as far as they’re willing to. I’m certain of it. Their first one-man, a culmination of a great opening year, is coming up in December:

What a thing to be able to witness.