Well This Is a Whole New Style for SPARK SPEAKER, Ain’t It?

I have this terrible sinking feeling that there’s a full-on MV for this happening at any minute and I’m going to have some egg on my face, but that’s fine, I needed to have posted this a few days ago anyway.

SPARK SPEAKER! The hard-charging at times surprisingly melodic unit that you either love or don’t yet know that you love is … well, that whole “a few days ago” thing, they actually released their second full album today, and they published this lyric video to get you hype, and they just so happen to be rolling out some adjustments to their sound. Plus or minus, you decide:

My first impression was that somebody had done a rewrite of “END OF THE DAY” by Tsubasa Fly, only for this thing to go full Slipknot for a second. The next thing was to bemusedly question how this would play at SPARK SPEAKER’s signature street lives. Then I started to muse about how Tsubafula had done that whole daily street performance thing in the run-up to their final album and how that felt like a weird bit of serendipity and put on KYO-MEI to clear my head, which then led to further confusion as the one thing did not sound quite so much like the other.

And then I decided that it was a good thing, and oh hey also that’s kind of a great title for the track, isn’t it? It’s a good thing for idols to do. Grow. Change. Evolve. Try new stuff. Push boundaries. Big ridiculous gambits can be an effective way of going from notable scene darling to a bigger version of the same.

4 thoughts on “Well This Is a Whole New Style for SPARK SPEAKER, Ain’t It?

  1. where do i start.
    this is by far the worst idol song of the year, kicking Breakdown Syndrome of this throne with ease. horrible vocals, generic instrumentals, boring and repetitive lyrics. the entire song structure doesnt even work for an idol song.

    theres one other track on the album that really departs from their usual style, Fuko solo track named Hello My Life, Thanks My Life. which is like a failed attempt of writing a Hardcore punk track. the vocals sound retarded as hell. and is just one scentence repeated for the entire song length.
    this was written by someone that clearly does not know Hardcore punk, ”lets just put no efford into this at all and it will sound punk right”
    what would you expect of a Deathcore bandmember..
    not to mention everyone had been telling me i’d love this song.. people undermine my love for punk and i will not allow it to de desecrated even if its cute girls doing it.

    atleast there is an album version out without Paradigm Shift on it. so i can skip out on that song atleast. but man will i loose all my exitement if i ever have to hear this live..

    good thing is, i’m pretty much over that Tsurezure collaboration because this is way more dissapointing.

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