Lessons on the Greatest Gift of All in This Friday Fun

Surprisingly, as of writing this, there hasn’t been any bonkers Banamon news come out. Maybe they read your predictions of their future and are quietly discussing how to avoid every single one of them.

Well, it’s finally December. I’ve been playing the O’CHAWANZ Christmas rap on loop and panicking over all the last-minute Best-Of preparations. It’s a cause for celebration! So, I’m doing something special, yet tedious this month. Behold, the


That’s right! The entire month of December, you’re getting a very special holiday-themed Friday Fun every week until 2019! How long can you go without getting fed up of Wa~ Marry Pin’Xmas? Let’s see!

This first fun is inspired by all of the themed TV specials of varying quality. Whether that be a very special episode, a variety show, the tragedy of British soap opera plotlines or whatever the hell the Star Wars Holiday Special was. Want “Pink Lady and Jeff” back? Well, you’re weird and no. But that doesn’t mean we can’t theorize what the greatest festive TV spectacle in the world of idol could be like!

This week’s hashtag is #IdolHolidaySpecial and pray WACK doesn’t announce something last-second! Or do. I’m not Santa.