Last Weekend Was Full of Non-TIF Action Too

Happy Friday, ya jamokes! I should have shared this post a few days ago (indeed, it was drafted!), but stuff started to happen and then I bumped it twice and finally, here we are, it’s Friday and I’m talking about last weekend as if this one weren’t looming.

But! The focus last weekend was rightfully on the Tokyo Idol Festival, whereas even right in Tokyo there was plenty of other idol action happening.

Like This One Festival That Also Happened and Wasn’t TIF

Just mentally call it Maniac’s Favorite Festival. Look at this (slice of the) lineup:

Another Festival Entirely

Just in case you missed it: Terry got the video from Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s appearance at HOTFIELD, and it’s a doozy.

The Actual Underground

I don’t mean Guso Drop emerging from the shadows; I’m talking about the 20-wota, to-perform-in-the-daylight-would-be-a-dream-come-true level of the underground. The Underground Tokyo Idol Festival was a real thing despite very little billing and a whole lot of doubts by people like me who go looking for things like that, but a couple of things did eventually emerge.

Like, for instance, KAISHIN no Ichigeki:

And Kiss & Hug EXTREME:

And in completely unrelated action, because reasons, Yamiame had a two-person live:

Not too bad for an idol weekend full of loudness and violence, and @JAM’s coming up fast.

2 thoughts on “Last Weekend Was Full of Non-TIF Action Too

  1. There is no band in the world I want to see live more then Guso Drop. After watching all the TIF & UTIF footage they just amaze me compared to other bands as they have no fear, they dominate the stage, they continuously adapt to the crowd and to each other. You know you’re going to get choreography that’s messy, vocals that are not clean but that is a punk band in its truest form. I’ve seen virtually every punk band that has graced this earth since 78 and Guso Drop is the real deal and just when I believe they are hitting their stride and coming into their own they break up, just a shame but we still got Candye❤️Syrup right!

  2. Holy crap!
    The Zenkimi interactive fan experience. The live band works pretty well for them.
    I saw some small children in the crowd. I bet they were scarred for life.

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