Kaishin no Ichigeki’s Out Here Doing Beautiful Things

I’m trying to think of a particular single idol release in the past couple of months that I’ve waited so pointedly and specifically and hopefully for than the new album from Kaishin no Ichigeki. Ever since sort of bringing them back into the fold, I’ve kept them high on my notifications list because I have this feeling that (2020 Best Ofs aside) they’re due for a significant move, or at least play for one, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss it.

They’ve been teasing a new album for a while now, with short MV trailers even, and I freely admit that I got myself extremely hype for this one. Did I squee when it dropped this morning? Maybe.

Potential bonus: Titled after a significant foodborne toxin?

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It Is Incumbent Upon Us to Post Favorably About This Kaishin no Ichigeki Song

There’s currently a Weekender entry, made in haste while I was buzzing between other things yesterday, that states my disappointment at thinking I’d finally get to see another Kaishin no Ichigeki MV, seeing as how they’d promised something (in my head, non-specific) via YouTube … and all we got was a talk. It’s the kind of throwaway non-post that the Weekender is made for. I considered the matter closed.

And what a stupid idiot thing to do, man! Because not even 24 hours later here comes KISN with a ray of sound and color and light directly into my soul, and maybe it’s my mood or maybe it’s the state of things or maybe it’s just because, but I need to make sure that a lot of people hear this and see this*:

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Last Weekend Was Full of Non-TIF Action Too

Happy Friday, ya jamokes! I should have shared this post a few days ago (indeed, it was drafted!), but stuff started to happen and then I bumped it twice and finally, here we are, it’s Friday and I’m talking about last weekend as if this one weren’t looming.

But! The focus last weekend was rightfully on the Tokyo Idol Festival, whereas even right in Tokyo there was plenty of other idol action happening.

Like This One Festival That Also Happened and Wasn’t TIF

Just mentally call it Maniac’s Favorite Festival. Look at this (slice of the) lineup:

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Come and Enjoy These Kaishin no Ichigeki Videos

Happy Friday! I’m beyond ready for this week — really, like the last month — to be over, and not in the least because I have stuff sitting in the queue that’s almost old enough to drive. For instance, this nice little bit from Kaishin no Ichigeki:

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Once the Name Twice Now Kaishin no Ichigeki

That’s a pretty great title, right? I’m proud of it. I’ve been sitting on this one for a little while, guys, for no particular reason than “there are plenty of things to post” and “I’m busy” and stuff. And also because I didn’t really understand what the hell was happening. That’s common.

It’s Tuesday. Tuesday means weird. And this has some weird-ass moments!

That’s the name TWICE, but they aren’t called that anymore; now they’re Kaishin no Ichigeki (Twitter, anew). I welcome any and all explanations. Continue reading