Kamikaze SENSATION: New MV to Vote For

When last we saw Kamikaze SENSATION, “they” had just released a new MV and everything was good and all, except that “they” was actually just one and the only other member was so new that filming hadn’t been done with her. These are the little bits that make chika idol fun, people. But yes, now two months on and apparently all well-set again in membership, Kamikaze SENSATION released another new MV, and I am out of wit this morning so there’s your intro:

It got both members in it this time!

That’s nice, actually. I can never quite get the appellation “hard” into these phrases correctly — is it “hard idorock” or “idol hard rock” or what? Either way, it’s when idorock goes a little harder than usual, and in this case is really reminiscent of mid-teens HimeKyun FruitCan, from that very particularly phrased-and-toned guitar lead to the structure and all the way to the vocals. It’s good work, is the point, and the kind of song that I used to force-feed to people the second they showed the slightest interest in anything idol beyond Babymetal.

Is this tied to a release? It doesn’t appear to be! BUT you can participate in this Yell contest and vote for this MV, which Kamikaze SENSATION would like very much.