This Is the Last DESURABBITS MV Ever

One of the more emotional bits to emerge over the last little while was this MV, out as final promo for the final release for DESURABBITS before they disband forever. In context, while the song is in a lot of ways a very nice modern idol song and in every other way DESURABBITS to the core, really the most important thing about it is its emotional heft and the special place that DESURABBITS has in loudol history.

But first, MV:

Yes, that’s the last DESURABBITS/Desu.Rabbits/Deathrabbits MV forever. Bucho is of course taking it well:

That’s what I said

I mused on this when the breakup was announced, and I largely repeat myself now: It’s just ever so very weird to be making this post! Everybody who had Babymetal as their entry point into idol knew about Deathrabbits within a relative blink of an eye, likely because of the long-defunct website that did the dirty work of linking out to other units doing loud stuff. Not everybody was won over, and my personal curve wasn’t a short one, either, but once you accepted that this was different and sometimes very different and that there was really great humor at the base of the project, it was something easily enjoyed.

That was all at the very beginning, relatively, and now here we are at the end, coming up on eight years later and not a single membership change or really even a blip in activity. If you were around for the whole shebang, you literally watched young people grow into adults. I’m sad to see the bunnies hop off into oblivion, but I can only imagine what being a long-time fan feels like now. At least you guys have some time before the last live.

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  1. I’ve been there for the whole shebang. It’s sad to see them go, but I can understand that the time has come to move on. They’ve had a very good run for such a niche group.

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