PassCode’s Hina in a UK Magazine? Thanks.

So who’s going to coordinate the purchase and distribution of several hundred of these suckers?

Like, it’s pretty rare to get idol interviews that don’t require translation; in this case, we get a bona fide loudol in a Western music magazine doing more than just getting a passing blurb.

However, I have no idea as to the contents of this interview! Ergo, I am going to buy it, which you can do as well via this link right now, similar to how Westerners would buy Metal Hammer en masse every time they totally organically and not at all because of a contract arrangement ran a feature on Babymetal*. I will not link you to the Fireworks Magazine Twitter, however, as it is hilariously out of date.

What I do recommend is that, if you go ahead and buy a copy, you gleefully tweet at the mag (all right, it’s @Fireworks_Mag) and let them know not just that you bought it, but why you bought it.

Like this!

And also tag the Hammer as well to tease them about missing out on what could be the next loud and cool idol project to meaningfully reach Western audiences. And of course tag PassCode because we do love to show them that international love.

*I have every issue!