It Is Incumbent Upon Us to Post Favorably About This Kaishin no Ichigeki Song

There’s currently a Weekender entry, made in haste while I was buzzing between other things yesterday, that states my disappointment at thinking I’d finally get to see another Kaishin no Ichigeki MV, seeing as how they’d promised something (in my head, non-specific) via YouTube … and all we got was a talk. It’s the kind of throwaway non-post that the Weekender is made for. I considered the matter closed.

And what a stupid idiot thing to do, man! Because not even 24 hours later here comes KISN with a ray of sound and color and light directly into my soul, and maybe it’s my mood or maybe it’s the state of things or maybe it’s just because, but I need to make sure that a lot of people hear this and see this*:

Man, what a beautiful little number. Yes, I am completely aware of its employment of any of a number of well-worn idol ballad tropes; yes, I would ordinarily snicker a bit and then somewhat condescendingly — as if patting an over-eager child’s head — call the song “nice” and move on with my life. It must however be noted though that if you’re going to idol ballad, then there’s no better way to do it than to ball all the way the hell out, which is exactly how KISN took this one. It does, therefore, objectively kick lots of ass. Note as well that a similar approach, albeit in reverse, was used for the MV, which has a great core concept but must have cost just the tiniest bit too much to produce**, which is okay, I just wanted a tiny bit more.

But in general am I taken on the same kind of journey I seek when I’m going through some of the notable crossover idol acts? I am. In a vacuum, in fact, I’d forgive myself for hearing “Pastel” here and mistaking it for the likes of tipToe. or maybe even RAY if I hold it up to the light just so. There’s a lot of little beauty in here, and I treasure that.

*and, frankly, probably have their awareness of Kaishin no Ichigeki turned into a real thing, given that it’s been three-plus years since this site last did anything with them

**ask me how many times I had to go back over stretches of the video to confirm that it was in fact Oruha with two different hair colors and not a mysterious fourth member

***also I realize that the banner photo is inaccurate; do you have any idea how difficult it was to find anything even remotely usable?