Let’s Discover Some Idols: REBEL REBEL

I had wanted to do another Let’s Discover today, but a thing happened and I felt like the opportunity was too good to waste, so instead here we go.

“Ah, POP iD” would go the standard-issue entry point to this post, for it is the exact mood, “nothing says loving like your intrepid dedication to rock-themed-and/or-adjacent idol groups, for which I am forever in your debt.” While that’s a perfectly cromulent (and correct) opening sentence, this one goes a little bit differently, because it was fellow POP iD enthusiast Chris who discovered these idols and talked about them in the Team chat recently, and so I made a point of following up with REBEL REBEL (Twitter) at some near point of convenience. They debut next week, like really for real, but the other day dropped their first tune, which is a doozy:

There’s, uh, a lot going on in that song! They call it “electro funky rock” which is neither entirely accurate nor at all inaccurate. It’s almost like the creative team at Spiritwalker thought, you know, maybe what we should do for the new group’s debut is a song that has pretty much everything in it, and then we’ll see what the wota respond to best and make that the way we go! And in fact that may be how many similar decisions are made, which definitely describes the trajectory of PiGU and No Surprises, and is just peachy as far as I’m concerned. Bonus points: If you’re a fan, you’re called a Riot!

And so thereby does REBEL REBEL show themselves to be the next in a long, dignified line of idols (presumably) based out of the POP iD cafe that will be eminently enjoyable, likely provide some personalities that will develop long-term fans and be the spiritual anchors of their units, and generate surprisingly poignant media that will definitely be remembered forever if nothing else. In fact, in keeping with tradition, the group already has at least one defection before so much as debuting!

I love POP iD so much. Please never stop doing what you’re doing.